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Pokemon Ruby Renev


Part 1 - Hoenn
You moved from Olivine Town in Johto to Hoenn region. You have in heart great feeling of start new journey and beat eight new Gym Leaders which one of them is your father. But beware. Team Magma want rise up power of legendary Pokemon Groudon to increase landmass on the Pokemon World. Stop them, and later climb up to become Hoenn League Master.

Part 2 - Johto
After become the champion of Hoenn. You got from your father ferry ticket. That ticket give you able to return into your childhood. To the Johto region. Fight with Johto leaders for obtain sum of another 8 badges which give you in sum of 16 badges at all. And by destroying New Team Rocket which want return after beaten by Gold. Go throught Johto Towns and Cities to reach Mt.Silver where legendary trainer RED awaiting for you. Anyways. Somewhere in Johto waits for you Cynthia and Gold.

Part 3 - Sangaroo Island
Red Gives you special ticket known as Azure Ticket. Use it on Olivine to reach Sangaroo Island and beat trainers of the Mysterious League... Be strong. Trainers there are players who participated in the early stages of Pokemon Ruby Renev. Four trainers who accept my invitations have their teams on high level... And the last battle will be with AtecainCorp... Watch on that island for four legendary Pokemon from upcoming Pokemon Dirty Sun: Shin, Shade, Sublime and Husarai.



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