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Pokemon Quartz


You used to live in Saffron city next to Professor Baro, but you just moved to a recently founded town: Breeze Town, in the abroad region of Corna. Professor Baro wants to research the Pokemon of that region, so he asks you and your new sexy neighbour Ran/J.Akira to catch them all. He gives you a mysterious egg Pokemon to start with.

In your journey you will meet good people, evil people, weird people (like Imakuni?)... your rival will be Ramon, the brother of a gym leader, who will try to get the badges... before you.

And then you crash with Band Ambar... they have a wicked purpose: power up electric Pokemon boosting the sun, summoning one of the Pokemon of chaos... the history is repeating, but, will the sacred bird of order awake again to save our butts?



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