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The Pokemon League Zone, located on the border of the Regions of Frejo and Kelgo, is famous for being the headquarter of one of the most prestigious Pokemon League, it is an important reference for Pokemon trainers all over the Pokemon World. The leaders of these two regions are going to declare war to each other for some unknown reasons. Finally, they agree to start a competition, a Pokemon Tournament to decide who among the two will be the owner of this Zone: the competition states that who can gain all the 8 badges of Frejo and defeat the Elite Four will be the owner of Pokemon League Zone. In order to create an equal competition they agree on assign a rookie trainer as contender, one per region.

Unfortunately, before the starting day, some bad guys have destroyed the Pokemon Database located in the Pokemon League Zone. Pokedex data and parameters are now lost. Monetary values and Pokemon trading collapse. Everything is in chaos. To make things worse than ever, some renegades from Team Rocket who had fled the Region of Kanto the previous year after the Silph Failure are compromising this competition with the help of some fanatics who call themselves "The Epsilon Program".

On the next day, you gain control of your character, Frejo's contender, a former baseball player, his name is Marquis but you can assign him whichever nickname you like. His rival and nemesis is a psychopath teenager named Paul that due to some personal issues won't hesitate cheating and dirty tactics.

There's also an unknown Pokemon professor put in the competition at the last minute by the Pokemon League: he is Professor Bek, allegedly Samuel Oak's cousin. The Professor is supposed to give the contenders an extra task: complete the Pokedex in order to restore the lost Pokemon Database data by collecting every Pokemon specie during their quest.

Hurry up or those two regions will not be here anymore.



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