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Pokemon Discovery


It was your first deployment as an enlisted sailor. Several S.S. Navy vessels had gone missing. The S.S. Eclipse was tasked to patrol the waterfront of an uncharted landmass where the vessels disappeared. After an encounter with the chief of the boat, Chief Hesarg, he explains to you the legends of Pokemon and the reports of their existence near the lost ships.

After gathering an artifact that Chief Hesarg personally gifted to you, the ship experiences an unfortunate series of events: the S.S. Eclipse is atacked and sank by an unknown phenomenon.

You wake up on the beaches of the uncharted land with just a few other survivors. With hundreds lost at sea and thousands more missing in action, you start your search for other survivors who might've ended up elsewhere on the land. It's not until you stumble across an unknown specied willing to kill for food that you truly understand the dangers of being on an uncharted faraway island.



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