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Project Pokemon Emerald


"I have no real names so I am calling them Project Pokemon Emerald and Project Pokemon Fire Red. Now what are these you ask and why two projects instead of focusing on one?

Well PPE is my main priority and after I finish I'll move on to PPF. Now my goal here and its a long shot and going to take some time is to bring what Red ++ and Polished Crystal brought to Gen 1 and 2. Most of the projects aimed at bringing something similar are outdated. Not saying there any good ones avaiable now. I love Gen 3 and I love Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire as I spent much much more time on it then I did my Pokemon Yellow and Crystal."


Features have not been provided for this hack.


  1. project-pokemon-emerald-locations.txt
  2. project-pokemon-emerald-trades.rtf
  3. project-pokemon-emerald_v0.5.ips