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Pokemon Fluorite


The story of Pokemon Fluorite takes place approximately 4 years after Pokemon Emerald. Team Aqua and Team Magma no longer exist... in Hoenn.

All throughout the Hoenn region, rumors about Team Aqua and Magma spread. However, no one believes them, since they're just rumors.

The story starts showing Team Aqua, amidst a thunderstorm, announcing their plans for the region. Shortly after, a very similar scene occurs, in another town, showing Team Magma, with similar intentions, but actually using Groudon.

2 years before that, a scene is shown, of a player, a then 13 year old, receiving his/her first Pokemon, an abandoned Aipom, from a daycare. Fast-forward a year after, the player is now living peacefully in his/her hometown of Tentrem Town. His/her mom asks him/her to pick up some groceries at the Pokemart of Angel City, 2 routes, 1 town, and one forest away. Having an Aipom should make that task very easy. However, along the way, the player not only stops a robbery, but also encounters a weird man that gives him/her a Pokedex, and meets up with a strange organization that calls themselves "Team Magma." Once the player returns home to give his/her mom the groceries, a group of teenage kids enter and ask if he/she wants to join an organization called the "Regma Rangers", whose goal is to stop Team Aqua and Team Magma. After some convincing, the player accepts.

Through the player's quest of becoming a Pokemon Master and defeating every gym in the diverse Regma Region, he/she also has to carry out missions against Team Aqua and Team Magma, and ends up teleporting, getting arrested, and even sent to another region.

Since these events take place throughout the year prior to the Team Aqua and Team Magma scenes that first started the game, how will it eventually get to that point? How will Team Magma get Groudon, Team Aqua Kyogre, what will come out of it, and how will the player stop it from happening?



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