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Name: Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians
Platform: GBA
Base: Pokemon Ruby
Language: English
Type: Regular

Current Version: v1 (2017)
Status: Complete
Release Date:
Modified Date: 16th September, 2017
Checked Date: 10th March, 2018

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In the altered world which Team Go-Getters accidentally created, lives a young girl who always dreamed to be a Guardian Trainer after she heard all about it, even though she has no idea how to be come one. But still, she's determined to achieve her goal to be a Guardian Trainer.

One day, she can no longer stay home, for she wants to achieve her goal, so she went out to try and befriend a Pokemon so she can travel the region and learn about Guardian Trainers. Unfortunately, she was stopped by her childhood friend, Kevin, and when they decided to go back home, a shaman was running for her dear life. She was chased by two members of the Dark Organization, trying to steal her Pokemon.

Unsure of what to do, she asked both kids to choose one Pokemon from her and battle the grunts. Later, they successfully defeated the grunts, which then fled. To thank them, she gave them the Pokemon they used as a reward.

And now that she has a Pokemon with her side, she will finally be able to start her own journey to achieve her goal to be a Guardian Trainer, But the region's been chaotic since the rise of the Dark Organization. Trials await her in the future, and a strange dream's confusing her. Will she be able to achieve her goal, or will she drive her destiny into the wrong path of life?

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  • New region of Hevah
  • Good, Bad and Normal modes
  • Gen 4 & 5 Pokemon
  • Custom-made Pokemon
  • New tiles, sprites, maps
  • Custom music
  • Day and night system

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Nothing yet.

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 Q: I can't enter the boat. What do I do?
 A: First go to Oceanshine City and enter the PokeCenter and talk to Richard. Then head back to Silkwind Town and get a badge after defeating Janice. Then head back to the boat.

 Q: I talked to RYAN in the boat but nothing happens! What do I do next?
 A: Find a room in he boat where there's no NPCs, and head to bed.

 Q: I can't enter the gym in Silkwind Town! It says that it's "closed"!
 A: Head to Silkwind Path and head north and battle Might/Patty there.

 Q: Where's the second gym leader/elemental master?
 A: Talk to the guy in green inside the gym in Oceanshine City, and then head to Krystal Path.

 Q: Where the heck is Krystal Path!?
 A: In Guardia Town(starter town), head North and you'll be in Green Leaf. Then head left to reach Krystal Path.

 Q: I keep freezing in Low Point Path! Where's this Cold Scarf thing!?
 A: You can only obtain Cold Scarf after you get your third symbol/badge and obtained Rock Smash.

 Q: Okay, I saved the guy with the ranger and knights in Low Point Path. Now what?
 A: Head back to Rainleaf Town and battle he gym leader and obtain a new badge.

 Q: I'm in Boulder City and Terry won't battle me. Where to?
 A: Head back to Silkwind Town and ride the train.

 Q: I just got my fifth badge and done the Angeallen event thing. Where next?
 A: Go behind Boulder City's PokeCenter. Then head east up until you reach Rintah Town.

 Q: I talked to everyone in Rintah Town, but nothing happens. WHat am I suppose to do?
 A: Head back to Boulder City.

 Q: I escaped Breeze Island and got a Lapras, but I don't have my badges. Does this mean I have to fight the leaders again?
 A: Yes.

 Q: I pwned all those Dark Org grunts in their airplane. Now what?
 A: You can either go to Breeze Island, or go inside the aircraft... Story branching will begin from this point.

 Q: Story branching? What?
 A: This hack has three modes: Good, Bad and Normal mode. You get to choose what mode you wanna play depending on your choices.

 Q: I got the sixth badge, but the rock-thing keeps saying to talk to Kronz.
 A: You must have missed the event in Lost Shadow Valley through Dusk Path's Mineral Cave. Head to Rintah Town and head east.

 Q: Okay, so I got the sixth badge but the rock-thing tells me to go to the Hevah League, but no one's there!
 A: Head to Guardia Town, and a little down south, defeat the new Elelemtal Master.

 Q: I got 7 badges now and I finished beating Giratina/Vessel/Zah in Dragon Castle. Where's Alice so I get my 8th badge?
 A: First, head to the Tower of Fate in Oceania Isle. Talk to Chaomega. Then, head to Lost Shadow and talk to Giratina. And then you can battle Alice in the Leon Empire.

 Q: I finished the event of Claire and Gabrieleon in Oceanshine City. Where did Gabby go?
 A: Dusk Path, above the waterfall.

 Q: May I ask where are the Ruby Destiny fragments?
 A: (1)Chaomega gives you one, (2)after Gabrieleon's event, Jude's grandfather in Rintah Town gives you one, (3)Champion Joseph gives you one, (4)a POKéMON in White Path's cave has one, (5)a POKéMON in Bouquet Field's Mineral Cave has one, (6)Krona will give you one if you'll accept Blitz's request, (7-8)and Might/Patty gives you two if you have 6 pieces and after you talked to Ranger Leana.

 Q: Where is Champion Joseph?
 A: In Twilight Path's Mineral Cave.

 Q: My bag was full when I was given the fragments... Help?
 A: After Might/Patty gives you the fragments, talk to the rock-pyramid-thing.

 Q: How can we catch Chaomega?
 A: You can "get" Chaomega, but you won't get the chance to "battle and try to catch" Chaomega. How to"get" Chaomega will depend on your answer to Jayson's question in the Tower of Fate.

 Q: How can I change Shaymin/Giratina's forms?
 A: Buy some "Shiny Gems" from Jayson in the Tower of Fate. You can change Felinar's form as well.

 Q: I wanted to have Shaymin, but I got Giratina instead, why!?
 A: In the Good/Bad Side of the game, you can only get Shaymin if you successfully "talked" to the sprouts in Lost Shadow, or if you talked to the green diamond inside Dusk Path's Mineral Cave. In Normal Mode, you can pick your pick.

 Q: Is there any Master Balls available?
 A: Nope...

 Q: Why are trainers giving very very low prize money?
 A: I did this on purpose to increase the game's difficulty, since this is the last game of the Ruby Destiny series...

 Q: In the chip battle mini-game, my opponent says it's a tie where he clearly won (or vice-versa), is this a glitch?
 A: Yes, but I was too damn lazy to fix it. You won't lose money if you lose, anyway...

 Q: Can you tell us Gabrieleon's locations?
 A: Sure, but this is not in order: Guardia Path, Ice's Edge Path, Current Path, Dusk Path(below Current Path), Coral Sea, Fruits' Basket, Oceania Sea, Hevah Academy and finally, back on the peak of a mountain in Dusk Path.

 Q: How can I get to Togen Island?
 A: Togen Island is only accessible if you chose the Bad Side of the game, but you can only get there once.

 Q: How can I get to Ilex Forest?
 A: The entrance is in Green Leaf.

 Q: Where can I get Rintah Town's symbol?
 A: Champion Joseph.

 Q: I got the fossil from Mirage Tower, but where can I revive it?
 A: The scientists in the Ranger HQ in Silkwind Town. The revived POKéMON can only evolve once, depending on its stats.

 Q: What are those other islands in the region map?
 A: Link

 Q: Alice isn't showing up in Leon Empire! I already defeated Giratina, the vessels and Zah in the Dragon Tower.
 A: Princess Alice will show up there after you talk to Chaomega in the Tower of Fate, and then after you talked to Giratina and/or Shaymin in Lost Shadow.

 Q: I already caught/met/fought the four Dragon Gods, but Chaomega won't let me start the fragment collecting quest!
 A: Go to the Tower of Fate and talk to the pink pyramid inside.

 Q: HM01 - Cut
 A: You can get it in Sinister Woods from a Bug Catcher.

 Q: HM02 - Fly
 A: Given by E.M. Janice in Silkwind Town.

 Q: HM03 - Surf
 A: You can get it from a hiker in Krystal Path after you got the fifth badge.

 Q: HM04 - Strength
 A: Given by E.M. Kronz in Lustersand Town.

 Q: HM05 - Flash
 A: Inside Low Point Path's Mineral Cave.

 Q: HM06 - Rock Smash
 A: You'll get it from Rival RYAN in Rainleaf Town's PokeCenter after you got a third badge.

 Q: HM07 - Waterfall
 A: Rival Nicolas will give it to you in Oceania Sea (just above Silkwind Town).

 Q: HM08 - Dive
 A: Not available

 Q: Gym Leader Information
1st | Janice | Flying | Silkwind Town
2nd | Vincent | Water | Oceanshine City
3rd | Andrew | Grass | Rainleaf Town
4th | Rhea | Electric | Rainbow City
5th | Terry | Rock | Boulder City
6th | Kronz | Random | Lustersand Town
7th | Beatrice | Fighting | Guardia Town
8th | Alice | Psychic | Leon Empire

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