pokemon gaia

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Name: Pokemon Gaia
Platform: GBA
Base: Pokemon FireRed
Language: English
Type: Regular

Current Version: v2.5
Status: Progressing
Release Date:
Modified Date: 2nd November, 2015
Checked Date: 3rd March, 2018

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The storied Orbtus region was once populated by a prosperous civilization. They created several monuments to their gods and guardians. Their untimely demise was brought about by a series of disastrous earthquakes; all that remains of their society are their temples, idols and story, as relics of the past.

In the present day, local archaeologist and Pokemon Professor, Professor Redwood, has noticed an increase in the region's seismic activity. Propelled by a growing concern for Orbtus' safety, he seeks the assistance of new Pokemon Trainers with a flair for adventure in the rural Celanto Town, a seaside town near the mysterious Totem Poles, and your home! Will you, along with the help of the Professor and your rival, be able to prevent the earth from consuming the region once more?

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    • Physical/Special split
    • Gen 1-6 Pokemon
    • New moves
    • Modern competitive items
    • Modern abilities
    • In-battle Mega Evolution
    • Fairy-type
    • Updated Pokemon sprites
    • Updated Trainer sprites
    • Original music
    • Rock Climb
    • Dive and underwater maps
    • Hidden Grottoes and Secret Temples
    • The Bug-Catching Contest
    • The Battle Marsh
    • Sideways stairs
    • BW2 Repel system
    • Capture EXP system
    • Reusable TMs
    • Running Indoors

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Nothing yet.

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Nothing yet.

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