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Pokemon Korosu

Info Name: Pokemon Korosu Platform: GBA Base: Pokemon FireRed Language: English Type: Regular Current Version: July 23, 2016 Fix Status: Complete Release Date: 11th July, 2016 Modified Date: 23rd July, 2016 Checked Date: 17th March, 2018 Description Pokemon Korosu is initially a story of revenge, based partially (not really) on the movie Kill Bill (Vol 1).This is a story of a young lady who finds herself in a difficult situation. Her family has been killed and she has been kidnapped by a harsh, mafia-like criminal group and has been doomed into a life of human slavery. Eventually, she escapes(with...

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Pokemon Outlaw

Info Name: Pokemon Outlaw Platform: GBA Base: Pokemon FireRed Language: English Type: Regular Current Version: July 8, 2015 Update Status: Complete Release Date: 27th June, 2015 Modified Date: 8th July, 2015 Checked Date: 14th March, 2018 Description This is a story of a 15 year old orphan who is homeless and resides in the slums. This is about his rise to greatness in the Pokemon world.The world in this game is one that should be familiar to most of you- Kanto, the world of Pokemon FireRed. There are some significant differences in the maps (new places/building) but it is...

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Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Broken Timeline

You wake up on a beach, having no memory of how you got there. After saving an Eevee from Team Rocket, you set out on a journey, wandering through the lands of the Crest region, to figure out how you ended up on Starlight Beach and how you can get back home.

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Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Life of Guardians

A young girl will start her own journey to become a Guardian Trainer. But the region’s been chaotic since the rise of the Dark Organization. Trials await her in the future, and a strange dream’s confusing her. Will she be able to achieve her goal, or will she drive her destiny into the wrong path of life?

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